Renewing Friendships at the AEC

For five days in May, I renewed friendships with special embroidery devotees at the American Embroidery Conference, in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We participated in a range of workshops.  These were designed to increase confidence and improve our machine embroidery skills.  I taught a number of workshops.  The first was “Machine Embroidery 101”.  Participants were led through the technical maze of information and processes required to create a successful stitch-out.  Another fun session allowed participants to embroider a book mark, using cross stitch, all done by machine embroidery.  A third workshop introduced sewers to the technique of cut-work with machine embroidery.  This traditional hand skill was transferred with 21st century technology.

At the end of each day, I joined friends, Maggie, Lorna and Mary.  We review the day’s events over a glass of wine.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be immersed in the passion of embroidery with people who share a similar interest.