AEC at Marietta, Georgia

The AEC conference was held at the Hilton in the historic township of Marietta, on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.  Attendees came from all corners of the USA, as well as England, and me, from Australia.  It was wonderful to renew friendships I had made last year as well as meet new participants at this event.  Three and a half days of hands-on tuition, lectures and demonstrations meant that there was something for everyone.  And the evenings were light-hearted fun showcasing participants works in a fashion parade and then a Yankee Swap (AKA, “I’ll have what she’s got.”)

My talk about factors to consider before turning on the embroidery machine was met with enthusiasm.  And the cut work doiley workshop challenged the participants with precision placement, something that most had never contemplated.

I had the honour and priviledge of showcasing Tracey Sim’s work and Zundt designs.  The creativity of Tracey’s work, and the quality of digitising of Zundt designs is second to none.

It was a great experience.  And next year, the conference will be held at West Palm Beach.